Tantragyaan creatively leverages technology to build solution for real life problem. We have built pluggable products and platforms that act as foundation to build solutions for specific needs. The solutions allow customer to focus on real issues while allowing the technology backend to be managed by Tantragyaan.

  • Tantragyaan has built platforms for connected health to enable health proliferation and reducing healthcare costs
  • The IoT edge connectivity platform provide last mile connectivity for IoT solution deployments
  • The battery management system provides access to monitoring and predictive failure analysis of batteries in electric vehicles and battery micro grids.

Tantragyaan with its expertise in product solutioning has enabled faster deployments.

  • Expert software consultants with exposure to multiple operating systems and SW architectures for system engineering
  • Specialists in developing and integrating middleware components from third party into the embedded software stack
  • Experts in high speed hardware development spanning digital, analog and mixed signal products. Deployed products for commercial, industrial and aerospace applications.
  • Technology platforms



    Our platforms act as enablers to host customer solution deployments for their needs and enables the customer to focus on their business logic.

    • Svasthya
    • Arjat
    • BMS
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  • Embedded product



    Our expertise with embedded product development in verticals spanning IoT, Consumer Multimedia, Medical, Automotive, Defense and Industrial places us at a unique position to accelerate product development.

    • Navigation and Landing Indicator
    • Active Vibration Controller
    • Smart Hearing Aid
    • Mine Detector
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