Experienced product designers in IOT, Consumer Multimedia, Medical Assistive, Automotive, Industrial and Defense Electronics


Leverage existing technology ecosystem creatively to resolve real issues


Build systems using pluggable IPs developed in house to accelerate solution deployment


One stop shop for product development, testing, certification and production that takes product through market deployment

About Us

Tantragyaan is an embedded product design and development center, backed by a pool of experienced product designers in IOT, consumer multimedia, medical assistive technologies, automotive, industrial electronics and defense electronics. Our main focus is bringing great product ideas into market through a safer and quicker development cycle. Exposure to various vertical markets, hands on experience with embedded product development and deep insights into the ecosystem place us at a unique position to accelerate embedded product development. We are a single window for the product development needs of organization with varying scales and needs.

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Our Customers



“Svasthya” is a health preservation platform that comprehensively monitors health of an individual and augments existing healthcare infrastructure to provide good health and quality life. ”Svasthya” is aimed to address the modern global epidemic of lifestyle diseases (NCDs) and provide healthcare at patient’s convenience.

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“Arjat” is an IOT edge connectivity solution that seamless integrates into the existing cloud infrastructure to provide reliable, sanitized data hosted on a database. “Arjat” is, the sensor node, optimized RF network and cloud hosted platform for analytics and database. Secure APIs provide access to real-time data for display and analytics.

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“BMS” is a high precision battery management system that integrates seamlessly into electric vehicle systems to manage battery charging/discharging cycles, predict battery life and support active maintenance. BMS provides centralized dashboards for remote monitoring and debug of battery systems in electric vehicles, ground stations, satellites etc.

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Our Focus

Internet of Things (IOT)

We offer end to end customized IOT solution deployment. Our ready to use modules from sensors to cloud hosted platforms enable users to quickly put together their ideas into working solutions
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Medical Technologies

Small form factor, battery operated, wireless wearable designs along with high sensitivity analog front-end for personal healthcare, connected health, hearing assistance, low vision / blindness.
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Consumer Multimedia

Optimized streaming solutions for networked video surveillance, High-performance display systems and Audio/Video On Demand systems that produce a great multimedia experience.
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Industrial Electronics

High precision engineering coupled with product certification, reliability test engineering and internet enablement for remote terminal monitoring and actuation on industrial grids.
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Battery management systems for monitoring battery charge/discharge cycles and dash boards for active maintenance controls. Active vibration controllers for active maintenance
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Defense Electronics

Rugged Designs, High-speed and High precision data acquisition systems. Radar signal processing systems, Software Defined Radios and Single board computers for data processing
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Design Consultancy

We provide complete Product Life Cycle Management consultancy for a collaborative product development.

This involves collaboration with the right partners in the design and manufacturing ecosystem. Hardware software co-development provides the right solution mix answering some of the questions like

  • How much of the solution is off the shelf?
  • How much is customized? How much is proprietary?
  • How much is open source?
  • What is the functionality, requirements?
  • How to prioritize activities within the product development cycle?
  • How to manage dependencies?

We manage the interplay to provide the optimal product development.

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