IOT Healthcare – “Sick Care to Wellness care”

The traditional view of health care has been sick care, it is a reactive response rather that a pro-active response. Healthcare presently involves big machines that uses high bio medical engineering. This makes healthcare constricted to hospitals or high end clinics. There is a drive towards personal health monitoring but no concerted efforts towards democratizing healthcare. We need to migrate from sickness care to wellness care. Wellness care requires comprehensive data of vital statistics like HR, SPO2 and BP for taking any serious decisions. This requires a platform for pervasive computing. Also we are hear talking of changing behavioral patterns that requires persuasive technologies, that are easy and compulsive to use.

State planners around the world are not able to cater for wellness needs. Healthcare economics is not understood well. With advancement of technology on the last few years disease burden has reduced, acute diseases have reduced. Now the focus is more on chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are like diabetes, hypertension; something that the patient lives with life long. There has been a cumulative increase of chronic diseases but the rate at which hospitals, doctors and nurses are increasing is low.There is a demand for universal healthcare, mobile and connected health. Continuous monitor of patients vitals will help but the issues are that,
1.) There are no systems
2.) There is no comprehensive platform for wellness monitor
3.) Transaction cost and monitoring costs have to be very low.Philips Motiva and Intel Health Guide are platforms for chronic healthcare assistance but these are yet to be comprehensive.

At the plane of sensors,
1.) They need to be small
2.) They need to be anywhere and everywhere
3.) You need a reliable network to collect data
4.) Smartphones/watches can act as gateways
5.) HW based gateways cannot scale.

We need to use consumer grade electronics in healthcare. The proliferation of medical grade electronics will take a lot of time to penetrate the huge untapped market.

We need to monitor lifestyle for wellness, both physical health and the mental health at that time.

IOT in healthcare,
1.) The device cannot be clunky
2.) The device needs to be embedded to day to day life like sensors in car seats, bed etc.
3.) Wellness providers need to understand that it is a continuum and detection of deviation from trajectory of wellness in the key.
4.) There has been a good beginning.Work needs to happen on cheap and ubiquitous sensing.
5.) Data is sensitive, we need a guideline for preserving privacy.
6.) New business models for healthcare need to be encouraged, as traditional model might not help in penetration and profitability.
7.) Aim should be to influence consumer behavior to use the device
8.) Healthcare solutioning should be for health preservation and wellness monitoring.

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