Smart Hearing Aid

The smart hearing aid is a low cost binaural hearing aid that helps a person with hearing disability to hear from both ears. This helps the user sense the direction of sound and reduce the deterioration of the unused ear.

Audiometer is a device that is used to measure the extent of hearing loss in a patient. This involves playing a tone at various frequencies and amplitude to profile a person’s hearing. The product designed was a low cost type II audiometer that is compact, low power, light use and highly portable.


Binaural hearing Aid



Type II Audiometer


Remote Audiometry

ANSI Compliance



Bluetooth Audio streaming

USB Powered

USB Powered Audiometry

Battery Operated

Battery Operated Smart Hearing

Sensitivity control

Adaptive Equalization


  • Smart hearing solution is an affordable hearing platform
  • Remote control of smart hearing platform allows increasing the access to Audiology
  • Adaptive equalization of the smart hearing solution results in personalized better quality of hearing
  • BT based hearing aid supports streaming of audio other than voices (entertainment) to the hearing aid and provides user an access to entertainment.


Affordable hearing solution, Remote audiometryThe intelligent hearing aid is a BT enabled binaural device that produces the best in class hearing experience for the user. The dynamically adaptive algorithm re-configures the device to provide the best frequency output to the ear. On board BT allows seamless connection to other BT enabled devices like TV, Phone, music player etc enabling the user such experiences other than normal hearing aid. The personalized application can be used to preset the device operation based on user hearing ability as well as the hearing environment.

The type two audiometer is designed to be used in conjunction with a PC based software. The audiometer powers from the USB port of a standard laptop. A high quality ear phone of bone conductor is used to play tones into the person’s ears at various amplitudes. Based on the extent of hearing loss the patient can hear varying tones and amplitudes. A PC software records the hearing profile of the patient and relays the profile for audiometry applications.

  • Affordable Hearing Aid

    Hearing Aid

    Smart hearing aid solutions bring down the cost and affordability of assisted hearing.

  • Remote

    Remote audiometry helps in providing audiology services to at a large scale to a huge population.

  • access to entertainment

    over BT

    Bluetooth audio for people with hearing disability  to access audio sources beyond voice and listen to entertainment.

  • Binaural

    Hearing Aid

    Binaural hearing solution provides the user a stereo effect and hence depth of hearing.

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