Mine Detector

Metal detector is useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. The device gives some indication of distance; the closer the metal is, the higher the tone in the earphone. Sensitive frontend electronics detects variations in EMF based on proximity of metal and communicates proportional tone and LED indications.

Metal detector is part of the security gear of a soldier in the army who is assigned detection of land mines. In civilian applications the metal detector is used for security scanning. The backend of the system is consists of mechanism to display intensity of metal detection through analog or digital. Metal detector works in tandem with ground penetrating RADAR to form a comprehensive solution to detect metal and non-metal objects in the ground.


a. Underground metal upto 15cm

Underground detection up to 15cm

Light weight

Metal and Non-metal detection

Integrated with GPR

Rugged handle and electronics


LED and audio indicators

LED & audio Indication

Clay, Sand etc

Soil selection

Sensitivity control

Sensitivity setting

MD/GPR/Dual mode

Multiple modes of operation

Why “Metal Detector”?

  • Upto 15cm of ground penetration
  • Integrated with GPR for metal and non-metal detections
  • Adaptable to various soil conditions, with adjustable sensitivity
  • Software controlled mode selection for better adaptability


Metal and non-metal detectionMetal detector is used by military for mine detection and by civilians for security screening. The metal detector has a sensitive frontend electronics that detects variations in inductive load proportional to the size of metal.

The electronics is mounted using a telescopic rod that extends the reach of the soldier. The electronics is embedded in a rugged enclosure to sustain harsh field conditions.

The system is controlled by software that can configure the sensitivity levels, modes and communicate with the GPR. Along with the GPR the metal detector comprehensively detects metal and non-metal objects. The display and audio feedback provide indications on proximity and size of the object.

  • Adaptive sensitivity

    Military Use

    Used to detect land mines in various types of soil enabled by adaptable sensitivity.


  • Civilian Use

    Used for security screening and industrial application like detecting metal in food and textile industries etc.


  • metal and non-metal

    Metal and Non-metal detection

    Coupled with a ground penetrating RADAR, this can detect metallic and non-metallic objects and hence screen more comprehensively.

  • Portability

    Light weight

    The under 8Kg weight of the complete systems increases portability and ease of use.


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