Fetal Monitoring System

Fetal monitoring system is a low noise abdominal ECG monitoring system for fetal ECG extraction and heart rate extraction. It also provides electro hystogram for uterine activity also useful to indicate fetal distress.
The solution is portable with no re-positioning electrodes for a easy to use, low cost fetal monitoring system for primary health care of pregnant women in lower economic strata of the country.


Highly Accurate

Abdominal ECG


Low Cost

Uterine Activity

PC Application

USB Interface

Safety Certified

Why “Fetal Monitoring System”

  • Fetal Monitoring system provide necessary low cost health in PHC
  • Fetal Monitoring system reduces fetal distress
  • Fetal Monitoring system allows convenient fetal monitoring at home


Uses regular disposable ECG electrodes, no specialized custom electrodes. Cost effective solution for lower economic strata. ECG electrodes only on abdomen, unit in gown pocket or arm band that results in less weight on abdomen. This comes with an integrated sensor for Fetal Heart Audio.

  • Primary Healthcare Centers

    Low cost of the solution allows the solution to be available at every primary health care facility

    Ease of use of the solution removes necessity for trained doctors for monitoring at primary health care units


  • Fetal Distress

    Fetal distress is one of the most frequent events during pregnancy and labor.

    Easy and frequent monitoring fetal ECG monitoring reduces chances of fetal distress

  • Home Care

    Low cost and portability allows physicians and patient to afford better home care during pregnancy.

    This allows remote monitoring of pregnant woman from hospitals and remote health discovery and delivery


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