“Svasthya” is a mobile health preservation platform for an apt and timely real-time care coordination. It monitors user/patient vitals and behaviour real time and generates alerts for appropriate health response from healthcare professionals based on an early warning score for health deviations. The health/emergency response generated by “Svasthya” enables automated lifesaving and optimal real time care co-ordination. “Svasthya” maintains a health index that can be dynamically monitored to detect deviation from health trajectory and solicit the required attention from healthcare professionals, user and family.

Over the past decade, there has been a consistent increase in disease burden (Disability Adjusted Life Years) even though communicable diseases are under check; increasingly more from non-communicable (NCDs / life style) diseases that has brought down the quality of life, life expectancy and increased burden of health costs.

The existing healthcare systems are not able to scale up to counter the increasing disease burden. A ubiquitous healthcare platform is needed that can detect and deliver primary healthcare at a large scale by augmenting the existing healthcare infrastructure such that the existing health infrastructure can be used in an optimal way to address the real necessities.


Health collaboration

Health collaboration platform for patient, doctors and family

Ambulatory care

Continuous ambulatory heath monitoring wearable platform


Non-intrusive sensors to monitor user vitals


Actionable data on arrhythmias to health professionals

Lung Efficiency

Actionable data on lung efficiency to health professionals

Dcotor's Dashboard

Doctor’s dashboard to personalize health monitor and alerts

Activity and behavior pattern

Activity and behavior patterns recognition

Notification through alerts

Alerts through SMS, email and application notifications

Battery operated

Battery operated with one week between charges

Downstream application

Secure downstream access through mobile and web application

Live and History data

Live and history view of patient data.


User locationing through GPS for emergency care co-ordination


  • Svasthya targeted towards chronic care, geriatrics, post treatment care and wellness reduces hospital stay and hospital visits while providing quality primary health care monitor and emergency response
  • Svasthya reduces emergencies which are both a mental and financial drain to the patient, family and hospitals
  • Svasthya provides healthcare infrastructure unlimited capacity expansion without high capital investment through its pay per use model
  • Svasthya provides convenience, engagement and personalization of healthcare
  • Svasthya enables virtualization of healthcare services and democratization of health
  • Svasthya enables insurance companies to reduce risk of false claims.
Health proliferation


The user needs to buy a “Svasthya” subscription which consists of a cloud platform and a wearable device. Secure access through a mobile application and web login provides stakeholders access to reports and configuration. The healthcare providers configure the device remotely based on doctor’s recommendations and uniqueness of the patient for monitor and emergency response. “Svasthya” as a platform ecosystem collaborates among the important health stakeholders of an individual comprising of the user/patient, family member(s), doctor and healthcare provider; ensuring seamless communication and coordination for health preservation and emergency response.

Patient data is available on the history database of the platform for review and analytics. The cloud infrastructure works on the patient data to provide actionable inferences to the health practitioners

The subscription is sold through recommendations from health professionals and at a “Svasthya” outlets.

  • Collaborative healthcare platform


    Collaborative platform bringing patient, healthgiver & family on same platform

    • Doctor’s control dashboard
    • Immediate notification to stakeholders on alerts and emergency
    • Real-time care co-ordination
    • Single device based platform with global coverage


  • Increase in healthcare access, reduction in healthcare costs


    Pay per use model enables healthcare providers unlimited expansion

    • Reduced capital intensive investments
    • Subscription based healthcare
    • Healthcare to the convenience of the patient anywhere
    • Better utilization of doctor’s time towards tertiary care
      Reduction in healthcare costs
    • Increase in healthcare access
  • Avoid emergency

    Chronic care and Geriatrics

    Move from care event to care continuum

    • Continuous monitoring for chronic disorder for early warning and pace of recovery
    • Geriatric care to avoid emergencies and real-time care co-ordination in case of emergencies
    • Estimate occurrence of no-communicable diseases
    • Activity and behavioral monitor to track recovery
  • Data based research and policy making, reduction in health insurance costs

    Insurance and Policy Making

    Data science based healthcare

    • Data science based health research
    • Policy making based on population health statistics
    • Patient health data based insurance risk assessment
    • Reduction of false insurance claims
    • Reduction in cost of health insurance


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