“BMS” is a remote monitor, debug and control mechanism for battery packs in electric vehicles and power distribution systems. The solution is built on a battery sensing product and a cloud hosted application that has dashboard control. The edge nodes are built around high accuracy data acquisition and processing engines for battery sensing algorithms.

The control application is built to either locally talk to the battery management hardware or remotely control. The system monitors charging and discharging cycles of the battery, ensures cell balancing and cell protection. The system provides inputs on discrete cell failures, which can be used as inputs to active maintenance, improve life of battery packs, reduce capital investment and maintenance costs.

  • Constant accuracy of ±0.001 μV across complete range of common mode
  • Voltage upto 500V, enabling higher reliability of calibration and higher
  • Accuracy at higher common mode voltage
  • Active cell balancing both during charge and idle
  • Dynamic control of battery pack charging profile
  • Cell protection
    • Battery shunt protection
    • Resettable fuse for short circuit protection
    • Cell temperature monitor for thermal runaway protection
  • Remote configuration through Webapp & Data integration at remote server
  • Integration into vehicle dashboard control
  • Remote debug
  • Battery health prediction(Pro-active maintenance)
  • Measurement of BIR to predict failures
  • Identification of faulty battery
  • Remote upgrade


Input accuracy upto +/- 0.001 μV

Up to 100 monitoring inputs

Remote access through wired and wireless

Display touchscreen for local control

Portable handheld unit

External storage thorough SD Card and USB

Operation over extended temperature

Active cell balancing

Predictive failure analysis

Dynamic charge control

Battery cell protection

Remote debug and update


  • “BMS” improves battery life
  • “BMS” reduces active maintenance costs
  • “BMS” comes with higher reliability of calibration and higher accuracy at higher common mode voltage
  • “BMS” has remote configuration through Webapp & Data integration at remote server that provides ease of use
  • “BMS” comes with battery health prediction and hence reduces capital investment especially for big battery installation for power distribution
  • “BMS” software can be remotely upgraded and hence reduces painful maintenance activity


“BMS” battery management system based on individual cell monitor and feedback can be used monitor Li-Ion battery packs upto 500V of common mode voltage. Remotely hosted software suite provides data visualization and control, remote login and debug option allows the user to remote control, visualize and debug the battery management system over an IP network. “BMS” provides ±0.001 μV accuracy across the entire input voltage range upto 500V, which is a marked improvement over the existing BMS systems that have accuracy slotted based into multiple voltage ranges. This enables higher reliability of calibration and accurate battery validation at higher common mode voltages.

BMS is installed in electric vehicles to monitor the battery charge-discharge cycles and control the charging circuits accordingly. BMS is integrated with the vehicle dash board to provide vitals of the battery.

BMS when installed as part of the power distribution system is used for predictive failure analysis of battery packs and reducing operation maintenance costs. A secure login to a centralized dashboard provide remote access and control to the BMS through wired and wireless connectivity on an IP connection.

  • high accuracy monitoring and protection

    Cell Monitor
    and Protection

    High accuracy monitoring and shunt protection

    • ±0.001 μV accuracy over 500V range
    • Shunt, short circuit and thermal runaway protection
    • Dynamic charge and discharge monitor
  • Predictive Maintenance


    Predictive failure analysis and active maintenance

    • BIR to predict failures
    • Battery pack disconnection for cell protection
    • Cell balancing


  • remote monitor and update


    Remote configuration through Webapp & Data integration at remote server

    • Cloud hosted dashboard
    • Dashboard to monitor and control data access
    • Wireless – GSM/GPRS, WiFi, BLE
    • Wired – Ethernet, Optical
  • vehicle dashboard integration

    Vehicle Dashboard

    Battery vitals display integrated with vehicle dashboard

    • Integration into the vehicle CAN network
    • Electric vehicle dashboard development
    • Battery monitor and reporting

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