“Arjat” is an IOT edge connectivity solution that seamless integrates into the existing cloud infrastructure to provide reliable, sanitized data hosted on a database. “Arjat” is, the sensor node, optimized RF network and cloud hosted platform for analytics and database. Secure APIs provide access to real-time data for display and analytics.

The front end sensor + data acquisition is designed to integrate with a wide variety of sensors for solar, agriculture and healthcare needs. The system is built with pluggable RF modules that can be varied based on the needs of the deployment environment. A high degree of power management ensures the sensor are independent and last for long time to serve their need.

Device management, user management and application dash boards are hosted on cloud platforms Relayr, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. Data is hosted on open source data base and secure Restful APIs are exported to external platforms.

“Arjat” hosts reliable and sanitized data that can be leveraged for building customized business logic.


Pluggable sensor frontend (Analog & Digital)

High accuracy data acquisition

Battery or Solar powered

Cloud application for device management

Configurable dashboard

Integrated with Firebase, Cosmos databases

Access through secure Restful APIs

MQTT and CoAP connectivity protocol

IP protected edge node

Wired connectivity – Ethernet, Optical

Sensitivity control

Configurable data collection frequency

Remote control and Debug


  • “Arjat” speeds up IoT deployment
  • “Arjat” takes care of the vagaries of field installation and provides a secure access to data hosted on cloud and accessible from anywhere on the globe through an IP connection
  • “Arjat” comes with high precision frontend to connect to pluggable analog sensors with varying output standards
  • “Arjat” comes with interfaces to both analog and digital sensors in a single sensor node
  • “Arjat” works on multiple power sources like wall power, battery and solar
  • “Arjat” is optimsed for power and can run off battery for weeks and with solar backup for long durations
  • “Arjat” provides reliable connectivity and secure data to the end user
  • “Arjat” provides remote access to control and debug edge sensor nodes. This removes the pain of field operations and maintenance of the large number of sensor for any IoT deployment.
Arjat-Faster IoT deployment, Last mile IoT connectivity


field deployment, cloud hosted application and database, secure access“Arjat” sensors are installed on the field to sense the environment. The network infrastructure is set up over RF for aggregating data and streaming over IP to a could hosted server. Cloud hosted application stores the data on a remote database and controls the access to the data through a secure login. The customer needs to buy the sensor node and a subscription to the data or a permanent license to the data. The user is oblivious to the vagaries of installation and maintenance of the sensor network, and can get access to reliable sanitized data through secure Restful APIs that are exported. The customer uses these APIs to collect data and build their business logic. “Arjat” comes with its own dashboard for data display, this can be customized to other skins based on customer needs.

  • Optimized edge sensing

    Edge sensing

    High accuracy edge sensing for varying analog and digital sensor inputs.

    • Power optimized sensing
    • High sensitivity front end
    • IP protected
    • Battery and Solar powered
    • Pluggable front-end sensing


  • Flexible and Optimised network architecture


    Optimized network infrastructure for seamless connectivity to the IP network

    • Configurable RF
    • Wireless – GSM/GPRS, WiFi, LoRA, NBIoT,Sub GHz RF, 6LoWPAN
    • Wired – Ethernet, Optical
    • Single hop and multi hop connectivity infrastructure
    • MQTT and CoAP
  • Hosted secure cloud application

    Hosted application

    Cloud hosted application and dash board for world wide access

    • Cloud hosting – Relayr, AWS, Microsoft Azure
    • Dashboard to monitor and control data access
    • Secure login to application
    • Restful APIs exported for application integration
  • Accessible, secure data

    Hosted data

    Access to hosted data through secure login

    • Database – Firebase, Cosmos etc.
    • Database access through secure application login
    • Customized data migration
    • Data access through secure APIs


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