The thought of good use of technology inspired the concept of “Tantragyaan”, this being closet to mean treatise on how to use technology. We as a set of embedded product developers will create and contribute to create technology products; that is how we believe we can leverage technology the best to enhance lives. At TANTRAGYAAN we carry the vision to build India’s product development ecosystem. We foster an environment of innovation, dedication and empowerment that can develop both skills and attitude to become a product engineer. We are a set of experienced embedded product designers with a deep understanding of the nuances of product development. Our mission is to build a product design house that can develop world class products that cater to local and international technology needs. We work with customer mostly in the US, Europe and India geography.

Our job spans complete product development starting from hardware design, software design, product design, integration testing and product sustenance. Embedded product development is a multivariate function of cost and time with a desired outcome and inter-dependencies based on type of technology, skill, project constraints etc. The job a designer is to find a global optimal solution. We are looking for people with a passion for developing technology solutions that solve real issues. We truly believe that willingness to learn, experiment, fail, restart and succeed at any cost is at the root of greatness. We are taking TANTRAGYAAN to greatness and we believe you will be party to it.

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